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Amazing iPhone costume and makeup

Monday, February 29th, 2016


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Any reasons why my thank you cards get deleted in asc?

Sunday, February 28th, 2016

Any answers why my thank you cards were deleted in asc????

Part 2 of the story of the iPhone and the Apple Watch

Sunday, February 28th, 2016

Suddenly, a loud noise came off when the cable was cut by the iPhone!

then the Apple Store employees with their Apple Watch on chased the iPhone and teh Apple Watch, and the two ran until to the island of sodor!

then the two were waiting on the train station.

but suddenly, the two heard footsteps before the train comes! It’s teh Apple Store employees! So the Ā² gave tickets to the train conductor. Then they hop on Thomas’s train cars and the train started to go.

the Apple Store employee said, awww, we can’t find these Apple products! They went away!Ā 

But another employee came and said,

well, we’ll buy train tickets and go on Percy’s train.

all the employees said,


then they buy train tickets and went on Percy.

good thing Thomas was going to the prairie.

percy went to the forest.

and these Ā² went back home in the prairie!


teh end


The story of the iPhone 6s Plus and the Apple Watch

Sunday, February 28th, 2016

Part 1

In the prairie…

there lived a iPhone 6s Plus and a Apple Watch. They lived in a small cabin, until the Apple Store couriers put the Ā² to display!


the Ā² were trapped in the Apple Store. The iPhone 6s Plus found a āœ„, cut the thin cable, and did 2 pilĆ©s on Apple Store tables until to the Apple Watch table.

Then the iPhone found the Apple Watch stuck on the display with a iPad next to it. The iPhone cut the plastic dat was preventing the Apple Watch from escaping, and they stick in to the gap between the doors and escaped from the Apple Store

(continued next morning)

The huge iPhone fall

Saturday, February 27th, 2016

Once upon a time the iPhone and the Apple Watch in the dollhouse at ccc’s house was getting ready to go camping.

the iPhone found a case to put on and a screen protector to protect teh screen.

and the Apple Watch haz to change to a special band that is water resistant.

then they got in the car and got to the mountains to camp.

Ccc sets teh camp near the cliff.

the iPhone set up a small tent, a tiny one, for Minnie love, the iPhone, and the Apple Watch to get in. It was so crowded when they’re all in the tent!

but one day, the iPhone was running around but accidentally fell in the cliff. The cliff was near a city.

when teh iPhone landed, he landed in the grass and flowers, but a crack started to get on the iPhone case and dents were on the iPhone sides.

ccc saw the iPhone on the grass.

then he called the Apple Store dat was in the town near the cliff to check for any damage on the iPhone.

Then the iPhone slept on the grass, but Apple Store couriers picked up the iPhone that was sleeping and gave to a genius at the Genius Bar.

the genius talked to the courier that the iPhone belongs to CCC.

then the genius took off the iPhones old case and replaced with a new iPhone silicone case from the accessory shelf and smooth all teh dents and scratches on the iPhone sides and replaced the screen protector with a new one.

Then the genius gave the iPhone that was sleeping still to the couriers and gave it back to CCC.

minnie love said when the iPhone came back, iPhone, u have a new case! What happened to ur old one.

the iPhone replied, the old case has a crack. So they replaced it with a new one.

ccc said to the iPhone, how do you get ur case broken and dents on ur sides?

the iPhone replied, I accidentally fell in the cliff and I had to get repaired in the Apple Store.

ccc replied, well iPhone, next time, DO NOT FALL IN THE CLIFF OR ELSE UR IPHONE CASE WILL break!

iphone replied, ok.

Teh end

A iOS lock screen wall paper for u

Saturday, February 27th, 2016

imageSSave this pic and use as ur iPad lock screen wallpaper

credits to graphics fairy and old design shop for the pic

iPhone and teh 4 Apple Store geniuses

Saturday, February 27th, 2016


Part 2

the Apple Watch poked up to the window and peeked through the curtains. Teh geniuses r coming back! They’re 5 miles away from the house. So the iPhone and the Apple Watch pulled up the covers to hide so the geniuses don’t see them.

5 minutes later…

the geniuses went inside and got flabbergasted when they saw a mess on the table.

whos been eating our sandwiches?, said the first genius.

somebody ate our sandwiches!, said teh next one

whos been eating my sandwich?, said the Other one

somebody ate my sandwich and gobbled all of it up!, said the last one.

“now we have to clean it all up!”, said all of the geniuses.

then they went to the open treasure box that was full of iPhone cases and Apple Watch bands.

whos been stealing our iPhone cases? said teh first genius

whos been stealing our iPhone 6 Plus cases? said teh next one

somebody haz been stealing the 38 mm Apple Watch bands! said teh other one.

Teh last genius said, who’s been stealing our iPhone cases and my Apple Watch band dat was teh my most favorite of all?

now we haz to find teh stolen goods! said all teh geniuses.


they all went upstairs and got angry of their beds messed up.

“whos been sleeping on my bed and broke my Apple Watch charging cable?” said teh first one.

the next one said, who messed up my bed?

the third one said, who was sleeping in my bed?

the last one said and saw a shape of a Apple Watch and a iPhone, who was sleeping on my bed and these 2 were still here!

Teh second genius pulled down the covers and saw the Apple Watch and iPhone lying down and sleeping.

when teh iPhone and Apple Watch woke up when someone’s hand touch them, they said, “u horrid thing! They caught us!”

and teh two Apple products ran out of the house and the Apple Store geniuses chasing down the trail.

teh end


comment if u want to illustrate dis story for me

iPhone and teh 4 Apple Store Geniuses

Friday, February 26th, 2016

imagePart one of teh story

once upon a time there lived 4 Apple Store geniuses. They were eating iPhone sandwiches. Their food was too hot, so they left it on the table and rather buy McDonald’s breakfast instead.

it was time for them to work in the Apple Store, so they put on their Apple Watch and put their iPhone in the pocket and got dressed and shut the door and off to work.

the iPhone and the Apple Watch that came alive was walking in the trail and smelled cheese sandwiches

and then they went inside the house and tried the first sandwich and it was tasted like mud

next sandwich they tried and it was too hot

other sandwich were too cold

last sandwich tasted right

then they went to the unlocked trunk and stole iPhone cases and Apple Watch bands

they were tired and slept on beds the other 3 were too soft, too hard and to smooth. The last one was just right.

(continued tomorrow)

Like my lock screen?

Friday, February 26th, 2016


The iPhone dat came alive pt 2

Friday, February 26th, 2016

When the iPhone went out of the Apple Store, the Apple Store specialists heard the loud noise that went off when the iPhone cut the thin cable that was stuck to him, unlock the store doors, and chased the iPhone! The iPhone ran away from the specialists until he went to the bench to rest for a little.

then again,

teh iPhone heard footsteps! It was the specialists chasing him! The iPhone ran to CCC s house and went in the dollhouse.

minnie love said, where r u been, iPhone? And the iPhone replied, I was trapped inside a Apple Store near our house.

it was horrible.

ccc said, we were finding for u! We looked around the house for dat iPhone, Minnie love!

minnie love said, CCC, the iPhone was trapped inside a Apple Store.

ccc said, well iPhone, u were trapped in a Apple Store hours ago and u went missing.

iphone said, I can’t escape with dat cable stuck on me!

ccc said, oh.

teh end