A story to tell u guys

Thursday, February 25th, 2016

The iPhone dat came alive

once upon a time a iPhone dat lived in a dollhouse with Minnie love and ccc’s computer and the iPhone cooked lots of goodies

but suddenly the next morning, the iPhone saw something different! He was trapped in a Apple Store. When he tried to jump out of the table, something was stuck to him dat he can’t escape, it’s teh thin cable! It was sticking to him. What thing can halp him escape? What thing can let him get out of the Apple Store?

he had an idea. He found a scissor and cut the thin cable. But suddenly, a loud noise was heard when the cable was cut! The iPhone ran out of the Apple Store as fast as he can until he bummed the top on the door. He found a gap between the door and escaped. But he can’t get back to the dollhouse! He was lost.

(continued tomorrow


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