iPhone and teh 4 Apple Store Geniuses

Friday, February 26th, 2016

imagePart one of teh story

once upon a time there lived 4 Apple Store geniuses. They were eating iPhone sandwiches. Their food was too hot, so they left it on the table and rather buy McDonald’s breakfast instead.

it was time for them to work in the Apple Store, so they put on their Apple Watch and put their iPhone in the pocket and got dressed and shut the door and off to work.

the iPhone and the Apple Watch that came alive was walking in the trail and smelled cheese sandwiches

and then they went inside the house and tried the first sandwich and it was tasted like mud

next sandwich they tried and it was too hot

other sandwich were too cold

last sandwich tasted right

then they went to the unlocked trunk and stole iPhone cases and Apple Watch bands

they were tired and slept on beds the other 3 were too soft, too hard and to smooth. The last one was just right.

(continued tomorrow)


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