iPhone and teh 4 Apple Store geniuses

Saturday, February 27th, 2016


Part 2

the Apple Watch poked up to the window and peeked through the curtains. Teh geniuses r coming back! They’re 5 miles away from the house. So the iPhone and the Apple Watch pulled up the covers to hide so the geniuses don’t see them.

5 minutes later…

the geniuses went inside and got flabbergasted when they saw a mess on the table.

whos been eating our sandwiches?, said the first genius.

somebody ate our sandwiches!, said teh next one

whos been eating my sandwich?, said the Other one

somebody ate my sandwich and gobbled all of it up!, said the last one.

“now we have to clean it all up!”, said all of the geniuses.

then they went to the open treasure box that was full of iPhone cases and Apple Watch bands.

whos been stealing our iPhone cases? said teh first genius

whos been stealing our iPhone 6 Plus cases? said teh next one

somebody haz been stealing the 38 mm Apple Watch bands! said teh other one.

Teh last genius said, who’s been stealing our iPhone cases and my Apple Watch band dat was teh my most favorite of all?

now we haz to find teh stolen goods! said all teh geniuses.


they all went upstairs and got angry of their beds messed up.

“whos been sleeping on my bed and broke my Apple Watch charging cable?” said teh first one.

the next one said, who messed up my bed?

the third one said, who was sleeping in my bed?

the last one said and saw a shape of a Apple Watch and a iPhone, who was sleeping on my bed and these 2 were still here!

Teh second genius pulled down the covers and saw the Apple Watch and iPhone lying down and sleeping.

when teh iPhone and Apple Watch woke up when someone’s hand touch them, they said, “u horrid thing! They caught us!”

and teh two Apple products ran out of the house and the Apple Store geniuses chasing down the trail.

teh end


comment if u want to illustrate dis story for me


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