The huge iPhone fall

Saturday, February 27th, 2016

Once upon a time the iPhone and the Apple Watch in the dollhouse at ccc’s house was getting ready to go camping.

the iPhone found a case to put on and a screen protector to protect teh screen.

and the Apple Watch haz to change to a special band that is water resistant.

then they got in the car and got to the mountains to camp.

Ccc sets teh camp near the cliff.

the iPhone set up a small tent, a tiny one, for Minnie love, the iPhone, and the Apple Watch to get in. It was so crowded when they’re all in the tent!

but one day, the iPhone was running around but accidentally fell in the cliff. The cliff was near a city.

when teh iPhone landed, he landed in the grass and flowers, but a crack started to get on the iPhone case and dents were on the iPhone sides.

ccc saw the iPhone on the grass.

then he called the Apple Store dat was in the town near the cliff to check for any damage on the iPhone.

Then the iPhone slept on the grass, but Apple Store couriers picked up the iPhone that was sleeping and gave to a genius at the Genius Bar.

the genius talked to the courier that the iPhone belongs to CCC.

then the genius took off the iPhones old case and replaced with a new iPhone silicone case from the accessory shelf and smooth all teh dents and scratches on the iPhone sides and replaced the screen protector with a new one.

Then the genius gave the iPhone that was sleeping still to the couriers and gave it back to CCC.

minnie love said when the iPhone came back, iPhone, u have a new case! What happened to ur old one.

the iPhone replied, the old case has a crack. So they replaced it with a new one.

ccc said to the iPhone, how do you get ur case broken and dents on ur sides?

the iPhone replied, I accidentally fell in the cliff and I had to get repaired in the Apple Store.

ccc replied, well iPhone, next time, DO NOT FALL IN THE CLIFF OR ELSE UR IPHONE CASE WILL break!

iphone replied, ok.

Teh end


3 comments on “The huge iPhone fall

  1. bobseufert says:

    That’s a very lucky iPhone not to have sustained major damage. šŸ™‚


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