Part 2 of the story of the iPhone and the Apple Watch

Sunday, February 28th, 2016

Suddenly, a loud noise came off when the cable was cut by the iPhone!

then the Apple Store employees with their Apple Watch on chased the iPhone and teh Apple Watch, and the two ran until to the island of sodor!

then the two were waiting on the train station.

but suddenly, the two heard footsteps before the train comes! It’s teh Apple Store employees! So the Ā² gave tickets to the train conductor. Then they hop on Thomas’s train cars and the train started to go.

the Apple Store employee said, awww, we can’t find these Apple products! They went away!Ā 

But another employee came and said,

well, we’ll buy train tickets and go on Percy’s train.

all the employees said,


then they buy train tickets and went on Percy.

good thing Thomas was going to the prairie.

percy went to the forest.

and these Ā² went back home in the prairie!


teh end



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