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Monday, March 28th, 2016

All aboard to the official forum!


Percy finds the Apple Watch part 2

Monday, March 28th, 2016

the Apple Watch was sleeping in the Apple Store, and the Apple Store employees were fixing him.


the Apple Watch woke up with a plop. He was kidnapped in a Apple Store! There’s no way to get back to Sodor. Even being trapped.

continued tomorrow

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Sunday, March 27th, 2016

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Percy finds the Apple Watch

Sunday, March 27th, 2016

Percy was in brendam docks


he found a Apple Watch, lying flat on the track with the Digital Crown cracked, screen cracked and the band pin detached.

Thomas told Percy that he is going to tell the fat controller to call the Apple Store to repair the Apple Watch.

the Apple Watch is alive, but the band pin detached while rolling on the track.

the Apple Watch said when the Apple Store couriers caught him, aah! I’m being kidnapped! HELP me!

then Percy said, u need to get repaired!

(continued tomorrow)

Mary haz a little iPhone

Sunday, March 13th, 2016

Mary has a little iPhone, little iPhone, little iPhone.

Mary haz aĀ little iPhone, it’s a iPhone 6s with Live Photos.

then all the iPhone 6s Plus devices began to go face down, go face down , go face down

then all theĀ iPhone 6s Plus devices began to go face down, and their screen got cracked

then the Apple Store geniuses had to repair them, repair them and repair them

then Ā the Apple Store geniuses had to repair them.

A song to sing to my asc friends

Sunday, March 13th, 2016

I, I, I, I ,I

i i i I iPhone!

i i i i

i I I I iPhone

iPhone goes and starts with the letter…

i! iPhone! Can u say iPhone?

i I I I


The Apple Store clean up

Saturday, March 12th, 2016

(WEETINUED from the huge strike dat hit the iOS devices)

Dis is what happened in the Apple Store:

  1. Teh specialists found the legs unstable on the Apple Store tables.
  2. the Genius Bar sign was scratched
  3. The iPhone docks were covered with darkness.
  4. the Apple Store was so dark, the specialists only see the Apple products and the Genius Bar sign
  5. the Apple Store window displays were stolen
  6. 3 Apple pencils and 7 gold Apple Watch models were stolen.

and all the MacBook Pro and air models were having their keyboard messed up and the Apple Watch models haz a crack on the Digital Crown

so the genius said,

its clean up time, specialists!

so all the specialists fixed the table legs, put stickers on the glass windows, polished the iOS devices, repaired the apple products, change out the broken iPhone cases, and made their own window display

once the whole place is cleaned up,

all the Apple products rested for recovery for 5 days, then back home. Teh end


note to my blogger site visitors

Saturday, March 12th, 2016

as u know, I moved my blogger site (here) to der. Blogger just doesn’t has enough deems, so I moved to WP since Christmas šŸŽ„ eve

Have u heard? Teh new Apple special event is coming! In 2 weeks

Saturday, March 12th, 2016


The huge strike dat hit teh town of iOS devices

Friday, March 11th, 2016

Part 3

organization 13 was near the Apple Store doors. O noes, the Ā² members in organization 13 were using their key blades to break the Apple Store doors!

all the iMacs, iPhones, Apple Watch models, and iPads screamed when organization 13 started to crash the doors and heard the glass shatter.

the iPhones hid in the drawer of iPhone cases and behind the Genius Bar. The iOS devices behind the Genius Bar was so crowded that the iOS devices kept bumping each other. The Apple Watch models kept screaming and yelling in the repair room.

but when someone with darkness powers put darkness in the Apple Store, the iMacs screens keep getting low brightness and their keyboard keeps getting the keys messed up by the key blades. One iPhone said, I can’t see! Someone had made the Apple Store lights out! Another Apple Watch said, my screen is so dark and my Digital Crown is broken! Someone fix me plz! Lots of the Apple Watch models get their Digital Crown broken and cracked by the key blades slashes.

some of the Apple Watch models have a broken band. The iPad pros had missing Apple pencils and missing caps.

the Apple Store specialists put a plastic cover over the tables so the two organization 13 members don’t damage the iOS devices

the Apple Watch models kept screaming and yelling at the organization 13 members and kept getting electrocuted sometimes.

after a few hours…

the org. 13 members haz left.

the Apple Store speciallist said, look at this mess these bad organization 13 members did! Now we have to close the store for a few hours and we have to clean it all up!

then the employees went off to work, and the Apple products lined up to get repaired at the repair room.

the end