The Apple Store clean up

Saturday, March 12th, 2016

(WEETINUED from the huge strike dat hit the iOS devices)

Dis is what happened in the Apple Store:

  1. Teh specialists found the legs unstable on the Apple Store tables.
  2. the Genius Bar sign was scratched
  3. The iPhone docks were covered with darkness.
  4. the Apple Store was so dark, the specialists only see the Apple products and the Genius Bar sign
  5. the Apple Store window displays were stolen
  6. 3 Apple pencils and 7 gold Apple Watch models were stolen.

and all the MacBook Pro and air models were having their keyboard messed up and the Apple Watch models haz a crack on the Digital Crown

so the genius said,

its clean up time, specialists!

so all the specialists fixed the table legs, put stickers on the glass windows, polished the iOS devices, repaired the apple products, change out the broken iPhone cases, and made their own window display

once the whole place is cleaned up,

all the Apple products rested for recovery for 5 days, then back home. Teh end



5 comments on “The Apple Store clean up

  1. bobseufert says:

    This store sure is seeing it’s share of troubles.


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